The site looks great on an iPad too!
Just got showcased on the New York Blog Humanitari®

As the "About" page states:
Humanitari® is a movement that started in NYC. Humanitari is basically a belief that the challenges that humanity faces will be overcome, if we become again “one” “humanitari” -a solid group that balances the best that we all possess as humans….

We invented the Humanitari® movement and I have for a year now heard so many of my friends colleagues, family, etc show so much interest in seeing a network that promotes “UNITY” with no separatists rules of any kind, that I gave today a chance for this movement to spread far beyond NYC, its epicenter.

Thank you, Leandro the page and site looks great. Keep up the good work!

By the way every piece on Humanitari® is currently hanging at the Pop Gallery in Santa Fe for the Curiosities show. I'll be at the opening reception July 30 6:pm. Hope to see you there.