Downtown Albuquerque Artscrawl!

Downtown Artscrawl 
May 20, 5-8 PM

Recombinant Art: Alex Chavez May 6th 2011 from Alex Chavez on Vimeo.

Last Weeks Opening of Recombinant Art was incredible!(see video above) Thanks to everyone who came out! The next reception for the show will take place Friday May 20th, at the Albuquerque Downtown Artscrawl. Hope to see you then especially if you were not able to attend the last event.

As the Press Release Reads:
Recombinant Art is Here! at 105 Art Gallery, and it is gonna be magic carpet ride to Carnevale, the Circus of the Dark Top, and Penance as pronounced by the New Amalgamated Saints of the Gothic Realm. Yes, the spirit of Hieronymus Bosch receives another jolt to the solar plexus: surrealism hootchie-koo. There are morality tales re-told and re-cast, and the Death of God has left us with a million little deities, or maybe demons, to plague us with what is right and wrong. Alex Chavez has taken over and is force-feeding us the detritus of several hundred years of western art culture and, then, some. And, the masochist in all of us is going to enjoy it. I won't say that it boggles the mind, because my mind is naturally boggled most of the time; but this overview of one of the most amazing artists working today is mind-blowing in its density. Come see for yourself this Friday!

105 Art Gallery
105 Fourth St. SW - 238-3491 or 281-5990
Artscrawl until 8pm
Recombinant Art: New Art by Alex Chavez continues through May. The art of montage gets new blood in the recombinant processes of Alex Chavez, who digitally combines images of past art and familiar icons, cryptic symbols, and a encyclopedic bag of other forms to create a phantasmagoric new age of medieval art, with heavy doses of Hispanic and Day of the Dead influences thrown in.