April Fools!

Here is my image for April. "Joker". Nuf said.

On my way to New York today for the Limner Gallery opening. Very excited. Expecting to see some awesome art while I'm there. I will post pictures when I get back.

In other news... The size of my solo show in Albuquerque this May has doubled from 20 to approx 40 images. It's going to be nice to see that many images in one setting. Should really freak out the establishment. And make for some great photo ops. This is what Gallery Director Satiago Perez has to say about the show:
"images recombined and recontexualized to create new meanings, new combinations, new ideas--that is Recombinant Art, The New Art by Alex Chavez.  An internet troll, as well as former paint slinger, Alex combines his former love of painting with found imagery off the computer and cooks up a new dish.  If this is referring overly on the side of gastronomy, it's because these images pack a punch to the old food bag.   But, it is not bereft of ideas.   As the piece below demonstrates:  Art is Dead.  Be there at the opening and ask him himself what he means!"  More details in my next post.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who has ever purchased a piece from me. You seem to understand that when you purchase my work not only are you enhancing the quality of your life. But you enable me to continue making more art. You have invested in my next image by buying me a little more time to produce art. Time that would otherwise be spent working on websites or such for clients, just to pay my bills. By buying my art you help me to continue doing what I was really put here to do. Thank You.