Happy Mardi Gras!

Let the Bon Ton Roulette! For those who have not experienced Mardi Gras in The French Quarters, New Orleans.... well don't get me started. Actually I only share that experience (in 1990) with a few of my non judgmental friends. I have been back to NOLA but only experienced Fat Tuesday that one time. The best parade(s) I've ever seen.

Talk about judging people how about that carlos sheen. It's like a car crash in slow mo, you can't not look. lets set the record straight. I do not condone violence against women. But I'm having a ball watching charlies slowly decent into a hell of his own creation. Not because of the sex and drugs (god knows) but for crossing that line of violence.

Which brings me to this image which I unveil here for the first time and call
"What's the big Joke?" Make of it what you will but refrain from judgement.