MungBeing Interview

The online art, literature, music Magazine MungBeing has published an interview with me in Issue #35: Fables - The stories we tell ourselves, the legends and mythologies we pass along, are part of the fabric of the humancloth.

Featuring a review of the 6 song EP "Opal" by Maston, "Stilts" by Ian Donnell Arbuckle, "Red" by KD Bryan, Claudio Parentela's eXTra finGer Interview with Alex Chavez, the exciting conclusion of "The Case of the Open Windows" by Krista S. Givens, and another beautiful cover painting by Matt Bray.

There is some really cool stuff here! An Honor to be included, check it out!

Thanks Claudio Parentela for doing such a great job on my interview and Mark Givens for doing such a great job on the Magazine.

Happy Holidays!